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Stop competing on specs and start competing on user experience. Chime’s user-friendly apps and high-engagement services put your router at the center of the connected home.

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Create new revenue with premium service upgrades including security, internet controls, and privacy tools, ...and there’s more to come.

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firmware including security, internet controls, and new services.

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Scalable, reliable, and available.

The foundation of the connected home

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Media Access

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Internet Controls

Smart Home

Smart Home

Routers are in a strategic position to empower the connected home. Chime can help make your router the foundation of the connected home by providing a platform for security, internet controls, smart home connectivity and media access.

Chime transforms a feature router into a smart router.

Why work with us?

+400M customers
model leaders
year revenue

Case study: Ally, by Amped Wireless


ALLY, the first router built on Chime, has been awarded CES 2017 Innovations Award honoree in Smart home category.

ALLY offers parental controls, activity reports, internet curfew, content filtering, and network security.

“We are elated to announce ALLY and our partnership with Chime. The result is a one-of-a-kind system that performs at the highest levels while providing a user experience that is second to none, bringing peace of mind to users as their network and families are protected.” - Jason Owen, Executive Vice President of Networking, Amped Wireless

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